ahmoseAhmose was born to Seqenenre Tao II and Ahhotep I at Thebes. The name Ahmose means ‘The Moon is Born’. He had two siblings named Kamose and Ahmose Nefertari. In ancient Egypt, Ahmose was the first pharaoh of the 18th dynasty period. Ancient Egypt Ahmose 18th Dynasty thrown name after the coronation was Neb-petty re or The Lord of Strength is Re. to have me. He married his sister Ahmose Nefertari. The reign of Ahmose I is believed to be between 1550-1525 BC.

Seqenenre Tao II died due to injuries while fighting a battle against the Hyksos, ruler of Lower Egypt. After Tao II’s death, Kamose ascended the throne but died very young due to some unknown ailment.  His reign hardly lasted for three years. Queen Ahhotep I ruled with Ahmose as a co-regent as he was quite young to rule independently.

Ahmose Reign

During his short rule of 3 years, Kamose had invaded the areas surrounding Avaris, the Hyksos capital. But after Kamose sudden death, Ahmose took charge of Egypt. He was the first king to have been reigned over a unified country. He was a brave king and was succeeded by his son Amenhotep I. However, it is ambiguous whether Ahmose was a co-regent with Amenhotep I.

The manuscript Rhind Papyrus describes the military strategy adopted by Ahmose while invading the Delta. It states that after capturing the eastern region of Delta, Ahmose cut off the route that connected Avaris from Canaan. This strategy made it difficult for any aid or emergency supplies from reaching the Hyksos capital.

Ahmose Achievements

Ahmose was able to capture Avaris in his fourth attempt. After defeating Hyksos, power was restored in the areas of Nubia and Syria. A new administrative hub was set up at Buhen. He regulated trade and commerce activities by re-opening mines, quarries and trade routes. Ahmose thus played a major role in expanding the boundaries of the Egypt.

During his reign, Ahmose constructed monuments, temples and donated from the revenue for the service of traditional gods. It was during his reign that the art form in vogue was akin to the Middle Kingdom period. During Ahmose’s rule, it is believed that glassmaking evolved. Ahmose is also known to have built a brick temple in Buhen. Thebes was the capital of the unified Egypt and also became a center of civil service.

Ahmose chose Thebes to be Egypt’s capital for its strategic location so that any foreign movement can be tracked immediately with ease. Thebes also became the religious capital of Egypt. Ahmose is said to have died at the age of 35 years and buried at Dra Abu el-Naga. However, the exact place of his burial remains is unknown.