The many small mysteries of Egyptian life are explained by the great epic myths. Egyptian Myths changed over time and different periods of history. One Goddess could be the mother of one God for a while, later she was considered his wife, and maybe even his daughter.

The story of Re, The Prince and the Sphinx, the Doomed Prince, the Golden Lotus, the Shipwrecked Sailor, the Land of the Dead are some of the stories which were subscribed to by the Egyptians.

The Egyptian Myth of Creation:

The Egyptian Myths of Creation was a complicated story. Four “cosmologies,” or theories about creation are involved, each developing over different periods in the country. There are some common elements to each theory. For example, each theory holds that in the beginning, only a primordial, stagnant ocean called Nu existed of which the primeval hill rose.
ancient-egyptian-mythsEach cosmology believed it was their temple that stood on this hill. All cosmologies share the belief that creation was a slow process, not catastrophic. Finally, they also all agree that there was a “First Time,” or a time period when the gods actually lived on earth.
The eye of Ra: The eye of Ra-Atum is the mythological symbol for the sun. At one point, Shu and Tefnut twin children of Ra-Atum were separated from him. He sent his eye to find them. While the eye was searching, Ra-Atum replaced the eye with another. When the eye returned with Shu and Tefnut, Ra-Atum wept with joy, and the tears created humankind.However, the eye was enraged at having been replaced. Ra-Atum placed the eye on his forehead so that the eye could rule the world; thus becoming associated with the sun. The second eye is associated with the moon.