queen akasha

About 6000 years ago, Akasha was the Queen of Ancient Egypt who ruled alongside her husband, Enkil. She was from Uruk, a place close to Egypt. In ancient Egypt, Akasha ruled alongside her weaker husband, Enkil. Although she showed some enlightened rulings, she was known more for her lack of tolerance of those who thought differently than her.

Her desire to experience the supernatural had a dark side in her character. She tried doing away with cannibalistic behavior from all lands over which her king held dominance. Akasha made many changes in teaching her people burial of the dead.

Queen Akasha’s Powers

The most inhumane of the vampires prevalent in those times, Akasha is known as the first drinker of blood and for eating the dead as opposed to burial. Akasha is also known as Queen of all vampires in Kemet with versatile and mysterious powers. Several millennia ago, vampires everywhere were severely burned, many fatally. This sudden burning made abundantly clear the tie between Akasha and Enkil and all other vampires. When Marius, one new vampire was sent to Egypt, he discovered that the person guarding the pair had grown tired of his job and placed them in the sun.

Akasha: Queen of Pain

Akasha had it in mind that if she would kill off all the men in the world, it would be a better place without them. But in reality, she didn’t want to kill them all off. She wanted to leave them enough for breeding and to use for hard labor. Actually, she wanted to take her place back in the world as a Goddess with Lestat as her lover. All the other remaining vampires who were present would be minor deities or angels as per their preference.

With this motive, Akasha was awakened by Lestat’s music. To initiate her plan of world domination, she then sucked the life out of Enkil. To establish an Eden in which the women, especially Akasha herself would reign she set out to destroy most of the males (both mortal and vampire).