Ancient Egyptian queens are known for their beauty and charm (Egypt Physical Features). Egyptians gave enormous importance to their looks and appearance. We get information on their appearance mainly from pictorial, sculptural, textual sources.

But the indications of these sources sometimes appear as vague and paradoxical. In general, the Egyptians had dark copper colored skin, black hair, and stood 5 feet tall.

They had white skin at birth which points to an Asiatic origin than African. But under the hot climate, their skin gradually darkened. Men are almost universally shown with red or reddish-brown skin. Women are frequently shown with paler skins, although the color used by artists varies over time from the pinkish white skin to yellowish and pale orange. The complexions of gods are shown as white.

Egypt Physical Features

The upper classes are represented as fashionably slender, imperiously tall, with the oval face, sloping forehead, regular features, a long, straight nose, and magnificent eyes. Love poems describe women as having ‘bright skin, golden arm, long-neck, lotus-like fingers and beautiful thighs’.

In Egypt Physical Features Egyptian’s hair was dark and sometimes curly. Women bobbed their hair in the most modern mode; men shaved lips and chin but consoled themselves with magnificent wigs. Hair was cut to wear wigs and crowns easily. The king had the biggest wig.

Egypt Physical FeaturesYoung boys often shaved their heads, while young girls wore their hair in plaits or sometimes did up their hair in a ponytail style. Women generally preferred a smooth, close coiffure, a natural wave, and long curl. Egyptian men typically wore their hair short, leaving their ears visible. Egyptians used a material called henna to dye their hair red.

Attributes of youth were considered beautiful to the Egyptians. Solutions to problems like baldness and gray hair have been suggested in numerous papyri. Wrinkles are rarely shown on either sex, and gray hair is very rare.

Baldness is depicted in representations of herdsmen and other lower class males. The royal bust of Nefertiti, the wife of Akhenaten was and is considered to be a classic example of female beauty.

They used all kinds of cosmetics and makeup. The women adorned themselves with all kinds of jewelry. Jewellery indicated the social status of an individual. Bracelets, Brooches, Clasps, Coronets, Girdles, Earrings – all these constituted ancient Egyptian jewelry.