Discovery of a Unique Artifact in Tutankhamen’s Tomb

The Greatest Discovery of Egypt: A Tomb

It was the year 1891. British archaeologist Howard Carter first arrived at Egypt. Till then, most of the ancient Egyptian kings’ tombs were already discovered except for a king named Tutankhamen. Thus Carter took it as a great opportunity for him and his career.


It was the 26th of November 1922. Carter along with Lord Carnavoren discovered an entrance to a tomb. The tomb was intact. It was the tomb of that little king Tutankhamen. This discovery was very significant for Egypt. Because it somehow greatly projected the ancient Egyptian civilization to the outer world.


Why Tutankhamen’s Tomb so important?

The discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb gave a blow to the charisma of ancient Egyptian civilization. Howard Carter announced the discovery of over 5,000 artifacts from the tomb. It compelled the whole world to be curious about it. As a result, tourists’ visits and research scholars’ interest in Egypt – both increased in the blink of a moment. Another thing for what people remember this discovery very deeply forever is the mysterious deaths of the personalities associated with the discovery. People believe that it happened because of the ‘Curse of the Pharaoh’ Tutankhamen.


The Identity of Tutankhamen

Tutankhamen was a pharaoh. He belonged to the 19th Dynasty of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt. His reign was a curious event. Because he came to power at the age of 9 and died mysteriously at the age of 18 or 19. So we can understand clearly that age-wise he might not be a mature king. But we can be sure at one point. It is that he was greatly respected. Because the lavish treatment to his tomb is the proof of this argument.


The recent discovery

There is great number of valuable artifacts recovered from the tomb. Archaeologists were transporting some of those artifacts from the tomb in Luxor to the Grand Egyptian Museum. During this exercise, they discovered a new artifact inside the tomb.


The New Artifact

A documentary film titled ‘Secrets of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt’ announced the discovery recently. Archaeologists discovered a box from a storage pit inside the tomb. It was an original specimen used by Carter himself. It has significance. Because Carter used to transport the artifacts of the tomb through this box.

During that process, he probably forgot to take out one artifact. It is a piece of wood which the reader may consider as a casual one but it is not. Because Carter discovered a group of model ships made of woods inside the tomb in 1922. Archaeologists argued that this piece of wood belonged to one of that model ships.

The belief behind placing model ships inside tombs

Ancient Egyptians believed immensely in the afterlife. They placed model ships inside tombs because they believed that the soul of the pharaoh would travel to the afterlife riding on that ship. Even many sculptural representations in ancient Egypt can support this argument. Although the new discovery may not be seen as a big deal but in this light of view, it is a significant one.